The Rustic Gorilla Cabin – Bwindi

Rustic charm


The Rustic Gorilla Cabin is located in the capital of nature itself: Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest, a large primeval forest that is located in the Southwestern part of Uganda in Kanungu district.
The UNESCO heritage is also nicknamed Gorilla in the MIST for its great expanse of 331 km 2 that the gorilla´s call home. The cabin is situated 430 km away from the capital, Kampala. It can be accessed by both road and air.


Gorilla Tracking​

“1,063 mountain gorillas left worldwide, 459 in Bwindi. The Rustic Gorilla Cabin offers a unique gorilla experience, with the gorillas many a times feeding close by.


The Blue-headed sunbirds and the Neumann´s warbler are a 90% of the Albertine rift endemic and seen every morning by the cabin windows

Nature Walks

Habinyanja is the closest nature trail to the cabin. Taking 4 – 6 hours, you can delight in views of the Habinyanja swamp, Muyanga river, waterfalls, giant ferns, a variety of butterfly and bird species. Complimented by a misty hair style by the end of the walk.


The cabin is a haven for gardeners and flower lovers. Our flower and therapy potting table gives you a chance and a variety of pre-potted seedlings to immerse your hands in soil, giving life to plants and flowers around the cabin.


Journey through the scenic mountain views of Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest-Uganda 

Community experience

The Gorilla Rustic Cabin is located next to the Kiga people of South-western Uganda and the Batwa people. So be prepared to jump along with the greatest dancers in Uganda.

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